Meanwhile, At The Hall Of Justice…

That sound you heard on Saturday morning was the collective reaction across the land of Geektopia to the release of the first full official trailer for The Justice League! Fans of superhero films have been clamoring for this first look at the (almost- we’re missing Superman) fully assembled League since the teaser released about eight months ago. While Marvel’s Avengers beat DC’s Justice League to the big screen by several years, the Justice League was actually assembled much earlier in the realm of comic books and animation (Anyone remember the 80’s and a little Saturday morning cartoon called Super Friends?). Also, the League arguably contains the world’s most recognizable heroes, such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This may account for the fervor surrounding the debut of this trailer.

That being said, there is a strong air of skepticism surrounding DC’s cinematic ventures. While raking in mega bucks, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad were ravaged by critics and also left die hard fans divided. Many felt as though those films were oversold by their own trailers, which were almost universally lauded in the months before the actual release dates. Is the new Justice League trailer a case of “I won’t be fooled again” or is it “3rd time’s a charm”?

The Bat Signal has been turned on, folks! Take a look at the trailer right here and sound off in the comments below!

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  1. I was a big fan of the comic, the Super Friends
    Cartoons, and the Injustice video games ( that have multiples story lines). I saw the trailer at the theatre last week. I missed a few things because it was so dark, the trailer, not the theatre. I finally I got to see it, at least half a dozen times, from my phone, with the brightness up a bit. I am big fan of super hero movies, as long as they don’t grossly deviate from the original comic book lore. I’m aware that there will be multiple films released; they can not introduce new heroes and villains and force feed you their back stories in 3 hours. There may even be hero/villain titled movies to give us a glimpse of their rise/fall into fame!
    This trailer has already sparked some debates! Hey why does Cyborg have a mask that opens and closes like Iron Man’s? Speaking of Iron Man what is that on Cyborg’s chest? Hey why is Batman swinging like Spider-Man! The debates will be worth it. They will be much easier to back up with the advent of smartphones and their search engines. When I was a kid, I either had to run home and find the comic, or bring it in to school the next day, to prove that I was right.
    My last note, hmmmmm Superman…. are we going to see him in this one or are they going to continue to tease his coming back until the next installment? Let’s see!


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