A conversation re: American missile strikes on Syria on 4/6/17

The following conversation was between Bastiat and DSilva on FB messenger following the breaking news of the American missile strike on Syria on April 6, 2017.

B: I kind of knew this would happen at some point.

D: Yup. They wanted war.

B: I don’t think this means all out war.

D: I don’t think so either. But with Russia you never know what they’ll do. Throw in Iran and the chance for a more widespread conflict is surely a reality. I don’t think Trump and company have the brains or desire to keep things calm. He barely has a State Dept.

B: I don’t think Russia wants Iran to go to war.  Putin values stability.

D: I don’t disagree, but I also think he’ll trade the stability if Iran involvement helps him at home. Or helps deflect from him meddling elsewhere.

B: I’m not sure; I mean who knows? I feel this has gone way beyond what Putin intended….Russia and the U.S. keep making the same mistake over and over again in that region – that is not Europe.  These guys will use each country and then turn – they don’t give a fuck what the other really thinks.  I think this is the start of Putin wake up call and it opens up the toy chest for Donald. I just hope it stays where it’s at.

D: I don’t necessarily agree. Putin is very calculating. He usually doesn’t act without a plan and motive. Trump, on the other hand, shoots from the hip. It doesn’t seem he or his crew have thought out the details of many of their ideas or plans. I don’t mean to sound conspiratorial, but maybe Trump walked into a Putin trap or maybe they’re working together behind closed doors (since we still don’t know about the Russia connections to this admin).

B: I think the Putin-Trump connection is way overblown. I just don’t see the evidence for it. Russia and the U.S. have always fought through surrogates.  Since the Cuban Missile Crisis both have been careful in attacking loose allies…I think attacking Syria was the wrong call – like that accomplishes nothing – but Russian equipment and resources appeared to be spared, so no lost face. Russia has suffered far greater humiliations than this in their eyes – I don’t think this registers but it concerns me because Trump bypassed Congress and pulled the same shit as every other president since Kennedy – like eventually we’re going to be at war with every fucking country in that region.

D: I don’t know if Trump and Putin have anything going on. The connections between many people close to Trump and Russians – and the lying about it – raise a ton of red flags. Maybe it’s nothing; maybe it’s about money; maybe it’s something sinister. We can only speculate and prove nothing at this point. Assuming you’re correct and there are no connections, and this is another in a long line of proxy wars, I think we’re in trouble. We all saw what happened in Iraq with minimal planning. I’d bet the farm there’s even less planning in Syria now. And besides worrying about war in Syria, we have to consider what the Russians are doing and what their goal is in this situation.

B: I think the thing is people in the U.S. really don’t give a shit; it’s in their radar for 24 hours, but they don’t view shit getting destroyed as a real problem. They’ll flip out about a pothole in front of a house more than they will about this shit.  They’ll give lip service to it, but they keep electing the same fucking people so I agree with you that it’s a real problem but I don’t think to the typical American it is.

D: Plus we generally ignore everyone else in the region. Iraq is still not settled. Yemen is a shit show. Saudi Arabia and Iran hate each other and don’t want to give the other an edge. Even outside of there but in the same neighborhood – Egypt and Libya are still a mess as well. If Assad does go, who replaces him and how does that affect all of the other relationships? And we haven’t even brought Israel into the picture.

B: Yep – but I think that speaks to my point.  Iraq was only a problem when it was Bush.  Egypt was only a problem because Obama.  America just uses this shit for mud slinging. I don’t think there’s a fundamental concern about the impact on the region.  It’s more about spinning it.

D: I agree with your point. But I also think there will come a time when we’re not going to be able to ignore it. It might not be a 9/11 type thing, but if Trump starts opening up fronts he can’t handle I really think people are going to feel it.

B: That shit happened years before he’s just the least equipped to handle it.  He’s doing what everyone else did but he is more clueless.

D: Yeah that’s the biggest problem. What’s the next step?

B: I hope nothing. I hope Russia says mean shit and Trump just stops.

D: Bush was less clueless and we got into a huge mess. What if Russia retaliates (in Syria)?

B: If they do it won’t be against Americans it will be through Assad. It’s another fucking North Korea.

D: But Trump has drawn a line so to speak.

B: I think he’s framing it as a limited attack and the world, while hating him, feels the response was justified  – it was limited- and people know his personality – what he says today may change tomorrow.  This won’t escalate militarily in any significant way.  I hope.  But again who the fuck knows.  I think I’m one of the few people who feels we have no business doing anything there – that shit [war] is not our problem – we help by keeping borders open that’s it.

D: I think Syria is Obama’s biggest failure. I think we had business taking out Assad when that line was crossed. Once Obama did nothing we lost credibility (at least to Assad and the Russians). The Russians moved in; Obama pretty much sat back. At that point, I think it was no longer our business and Russia owned it.

B: Hey CNN is reporting Russian soldiers were on the base.  That fucking changes things.  My guess is if there were, Russia doesn’t admit it to avoid war.  But if they fess up to it we have a problem.

D: Well now we have to wait and see.



The conversation has not been changed except to add punctuation and clean up spelling and grammar for easier reading.
Photo of a Tomahawk missile on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington DC.  Taken by DSilva.

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