Sunday Question

From Matt Tolander

One of the great crises in the American church is that there are so many in the Church who are dying to be honest with someone about what’s going on in their life, but the rest are too preoccupied with their own spiritual advancement (or the appearance of it) and cannot be bothered with the inconveniences of someone else’s pain — especially if that pain is the self-inflicted consequence of sin in one’s life. 

The essay is both a powerful defense and authentic criticism of American Christianity.

Religion offers incredible potential in connecting to the sacred and to each other.  Matt Tolander argues we’ve turned it into a performance art where instead of using religion as a support it becomes something else we have to be good at. 

I’m not sure if it’s American Christianity per say or just the culture.  We’re obsessed with image and “positivity” -that word makes me vomit- what would make our practice of religion any different?

Is there a problem with the American faith? Is there a larger cultural issue?  Those are the Sunday Questions.

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