The Ever-Swinging Political Pendulum

As the political mood of the USA changes on a whim, the “seesaw” action of the pendulum is speeding up, swinging from one extreme to the other almost overnight. The rabid reaction to Obama gave rise to Trump and now the fierce resistance to Trump is creating opportunities for Democrats like Jon Ossoff, who’s looking to turn Georgia’s 6th Congressional District blue for the first time since 1970.

And now, there’s even resistance to the resistance!

Like a never-ending tennis rally, political opponents are volleying back and forth, hitting balls harder and harder, but instead of coming closer to the net (centrism), they’re running further apart (making meaningful progress nearly impossible). The result is wild, erratic low-percentage attempts which turn into desperation. In the end, opponents are happy just to get something (anything) over the net. More details.

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