10 FAQ About FAQ

  1. What does FAQ stand for?

FAQ is an acronym for “Frequently Asked Question” or “Frequently Asked Questions.” It can refer to either a single question, a list of questions, or the concept of a list of common questions.

  1. Where did FAQ originate?

Matthew Hopkins’ The Discovery of Witches from 1647 has a list of questions and answers, introduced as “Certain Queries Answered,” which are often attributed as the beginning of what has become today’s FAQ. This section of Hopkins’ book sought to anticipate common questions from readers, among them, “How dost thou know if one’s wife is a Witch?” and “What is the best way for the catechumen to merder ye olde Witch by fire if he has no pyre or matches?”

  1. Wouldn’t “Certain Queries Answered” actually be CQA and not FAQ?

Please see our 10 CQA on CQA for the answer to this question.

  1. Historically, what is the most “frequently asked question”?

Prior to last year’s election cycle, it was “What is the meaning of life?” As of November 8, 2016, it is another acronym: “WTF?!?”

  1. How often do people ask questions about FAQ?

Infrequently—but with much irony.

  1. So if these questions are not asked frequently, doesn’t that negate the need for a FAQ?

What is your deal? I don’t come to your job and shit on your desk. Now your stupid question is a FAQ. Great. Your mother must be so proud. GET A LIFE, HIPPIE!

  1. Can FAQ stand for anything else?

Some people claim FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Queries.” These people are usually from the British Commonwealth of Nations and therefore part of the last dying gasp of relevance from a former empire. And they are incorrect. Others claim FAQ stands for “faqs” or “facts.” These people are lazy millennials using textspeak. N they r totes wrong.

  1. What is the most common FAQ about FAQ?

It is actually this question, which is very meta.

  1. Why does “10 FAQ About FAQ” only have 9 FAQ?

It’s our way of challenging authority, of being irreverent, of being circumspect and aloof. Or is it…?

10. Huh? This isn’t at all what I expected. Why not just change the title to “9 FAQ About FAQ” so this list makes sense?

It would be pretty silly of us to name our list of 10 FAQ “9 FAQ About FAQ,” wouldn’t it?

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