Wine X Cheese: The Definitive MS Office Illustrated Guide

When you think “wine and cheese”, you think Powerpoint, amirite? AMIRITE?! Ok, well I did. So sue me, because nerd.

We’ve examined wine rating systems, navigated a Cheetos pairing together, and tip-toed through the rosé hand in hand. But since it’s the season of hosting lovely al fresco gatherings and glorious rooftop happy hours, I want to help you nail the perfect wine and cheese affair that you weren’t throwing anyway you totally need to throw!

Step 1: Choose your wines.

I can’t stress enough that good wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can select a very good bottle for somewhere in the $10-15 area, at most. Want to splurge on your guests? Spend $20 on one bottle in the bunch. But if you spend more, you’ve spent too much.

Depending on what your crowd prefers, a basic mix of reds and/or whites will do. It’s generally safe to assume 5 glasses per bottle, and 2 glasses per guest per hour. An easy selection of heavy and light wines might include: cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot grigio. Next level assortment: add a sparkling wine and a bottle of shiraz.

Step 2: Choose your cheeses.

Now that you know what you’re drinking, what will you eat with it? I’ve got you covered.

White wine:


Red wine:


Not so hard, right?! Right! You can do this!

Step 3: Assemble your cheese plate.

Display is an art…and diagrams are awesome! Here’s my go-to arrangement:


Notice that I’ve mixed up my cheese textures and added some bonus items as a lovely accompaniment. Balancing flavors is really the key to a great wine pairing. Fruits and jam add a little sweet to play with salty cheeses, while nuts enhance and add earthy velvet.

Step 4: Add utensils, a bread tray, and small plates.

Have a set of cheese knives? Great! If not, pop over to a discount chain for a $10 set of assorted shaped spreaders and sharp edged cutters. They do actually have different uses and handy prongs. But you can also just use the smaller of the knives you have; delicious cheese will be no less delicious on your existing utensils! Small plates for guests to add a little-of-this and a little-of-that make it easy to try it all.

Add a tray or bowl of sliced crusty baguette rounds, water crackers, and large pita chips.

Et voilà! You have just made a fancy af wine and cheese spread!

Extra points: small vases/bowls of flowers and candles set the mood and add an elegant touch. Music completes the night!

Have tips to share? Tried these tips are think they suck are awesome? Drop a line in the comments and let’s chat cheese!

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