We hit a small goal of 1000 followers today, exactly 4 months after we went live on Facebook and starting churning content out. Compared to other websites and Facebook pages, it is a shit stain on an atom but for us, it’s an accomplishment worth noticing and mentioning.

The idea for this site happened while I was prepping for a colonoscopy late February. I tend to come up with shit when I’m bored and anxious. I reached out to four people that I knew about creating a forum where folks with different ideas and ideological slants could co-exist civilly. The goal was to balance smart with fun and to demonstrate that people can have different beliefs, ideas, interests and still enjoy and learn from each other. To create an environment where we are curious about differences in thinking, not offended or enraged by them.

We are a group of misfits -outliers – who believe we have something interesting to contribute.

One thing we are really proud of is our small community on Facebook. For the most part, disagreements have been civil, a sense of community is starting to build and faces are starting to become more and more familiar. We also have some really smart, decent people engaging in our content, and that is where we continue to derive our greatest sense of accomplishment.

As a really small token of appreciation, we will be giving out a backpack and a couple of t-shirts over the next few weeks to the folks who follow/like our page.

Thank you and here’s to a thousand more.

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