You should play golf.

On the scale of wine to Cheetos, golf is definitely on the wine end of the spectrum. Suburban country clubs, collared shirts, well manicured fairways and greens, and rules based on etiquette, politeness, and correctness. In many ways, golf is the antithesis of more popular sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. When it comes down to it, nearly every aspect of the game is different: the clothing, the equipment, the scoring, the cheering, even the television coverage! 

While there are some people who spend hours on the golf course, a lot of people do not to play golf.  Their reasons for not playing may vary: course accessibility, equipment costs, greens fees, cultural and social stigmas, learning curve, etc. Regardless of the reason, some people would rather watch football or play basketball at the local park than play golf at the local golf course. 

But, what if I told you that you should learn to play golf?

I mean, your co-workers and/or boss might already play golf. And if you are the boss or have no co-workers, then your peers or next investors are likely playing golf right now. (And if you have no peers or don’t need any investors, let’s be friends!) Professional advantages aside, golf can also be a great way to improve hand eye coordination and balance. Many recreational golfers take their game to new heights by adding cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility routines to their schedule. These regimens increase the likelihood of golfers getting into the correct physical positions to hit the ball longer and more accurately in a consistent manner.

If the physical side of golf does not persuade you, that is fine. Golf is considered a great exercise in mental fortitude. Great golfers hit terrible shots, terrible golfers can hit great shots. Missing by a millimeter can be the difference between being in the hole and being in lake next to the hole. While playing, nearly everything imaginable is out to play some role in distracting you from your current shot: the birds chirping, the airplane buzzing overhead, the lawnmower three holes over, the alligator that just emerged from the creek next to the tee box… All of those possible distractions require that golfers focus and hit the shot that is required of them.

So, this weekend, maybe head over to the closest driving range or golf course. Rent some clubs, get a bucket of balls, and just take a few swings. No one is expecting you to be [insert name of your favorite golfer or another golfer you have heard of]. Just get the club head on the ball and listen for that ping. Best case, you find a good rhythm and become addicted for life. Worst case, you spend your days searching for that perfect swing. Either way, you appreciate the game within the game and realize that it isn’t about hitting the ball into the hole.

[Image courtesy of Google Images/Mooresville Golf Range]

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