Jumilla – The other Red Wine

Spain’s wine making industry has been making a comeback and much of it’s riding on Jumilla.  Many folks I know, even those who know wine have never tried this delicious yet potent nectar.  The wine is best paired with stronger, richer foods and won’t break the bank – most are priced at under $20, many under $15.

I’ve never really been a fan of Spanish wines, Rioja’s are just not my thing despite my love of Cabernet. When my wine guy recommended Jumilla, I was pretty skeptical but he never let me down and the price was right for a risk –  it was a good chance to take.

My favorite Jumilla is Pannaroz which comes in at around $12 bucks ( I think I was able to get it for $10). Pannaroz is difficult to get in my area of the country so if you are having a tough time finding a bottle, my second pick would be Juan Gil which comes in at about the same price range (although it’s a tad bit harsher).

If you’re interested in the ins and outs of Jumilla check out Nancy Parode’s article on Into Wine. If you want to read up on Juan Gil, Wine For Normal People has a pretty thorough review (this guy really liked it).


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