Year End Chaos

What year end, you ask? Well, you would know if you are a parent! If you’ve got a kid in school and are just winding down, you are feeling it.

I am unable to keep my head on straight as we get into the last few weeks of school. Return books to the library, pay school accounts, get gifts for teachers, attend parent-teacher conferences, finals, assessments, concerts and the list goes on. Partly fueled by fatigue and partly fueled by the anxieties of managing a summer with kids, not in school- many parents feel some level of stress from the year coming to a close.

Oh goodness, the end of school year stress is insane. But does it really have to be?

I listen to this wonderful podcast often and this episode is perfect!

Parenting Hacks by Asha Dornfest
Episode 83: Editing End Of School Year Chaos

How are you managing? What works for you? Do you have any hacks/tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from other parents.

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